Ducos: "I've seen a lot of fun in F-One Formula Amateur Kite"

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Sebastián Ducos at F-One's headquarters in Denia /@TONI FORQUÉS/ FKSS

The material signature for Kitefoil F-One will still be linked to the FKSS in 2021

-SebastiánDucos is the representative of F-One in Spain and one of the biggest promoters of the birth of the F-One Formula Kite Amateur class within the FKSS. For Ducos the experience of 2020 has been very positive.

-It was the first year that the F-One Formula Amateur class was tested. We are delighted as sponsors to have given it the 'naming' in a race dedicated to the promotion of kite with foil. The competition has been well accepted and I have been in all the tests I have seen a fantastic atmosphere and some very healthy bites and very good acceptance by the sailors. And above all it has been a lot of fun. Our goal is above all 100% fun and that people like what the competition is.

-And there have been some very close races with high participation.

Yes, that's a very important thing. That's why we put a lot of emphasis on creating the class that would compete with standard material so that it would be as fair and as affordable as possible. We wanted it to be open to everyone. We wanted it to be very focused on the skills of the competitor and not at all focused on the struggle to have the most competitive material, which we left to the queen class that is the Open.

A picture of the F-One Formula Kite Amateur family at the regatta in Castellon /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

-Has the class fulfilled its goal of promoting the sport?

-I know for a fact that next year there is a group of sailors who have been in Amateur who will go on to the Open and that means that there are people who have taken a liking to it and another group who are happy to have a good time and be surrounded by the pros, but staying in Amateur. This is a very important aspect because the amateurs feel part of the circuit and for them it is very grateful. They rub shoulders with world class figures because there have been some great sailors on this circuit, I would say the best in the world, and it is another incentive for them to see them compete so closely.

-What needs to be improved by 2021?

-I think that next year we have to work mainly on logistics and infrastructure. We have to make it easier for amateurs to come to the trials. We have to find a comfortable place for the sailors to travel and also during the race to find a space where they can leave their equipment so that they are more comfortable. That's where I think we can improve.

-Did you see any good competition in the water? -I did.

-Everything was fine. The technical level of the Committee is well seen in the way the circuit has been run. As far as I can see, everything has been fairly balanced and they have been treated precisely because they have had to alternate with the Open. We must continue working so that they could not feel like a second class compared to the Open.

-F-One next?

-Count on F-One to further improve this class in 2021. This is now official. Soon we will be able to give more news that will help the class to keep growing and the FKSS circuit to continue with its current growth.