The F-One Formula Amateur comes to stay after a successful first year

F-One Amateur Kite Formula
Regy Dils (c), Carlos Espí (i) and Kiko Espí on the podium of the F-One Formula Amateur Kite /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

The competition has had in Regy Dils its first winner in the overall F-One Formula Amateur Kite with Kiko and Carlos Espí seconding him on the podium

F-One Amateur Kite Formula
Regy Dils and Diego Barona in the F-One Formula Amateur Kite Tarifa event /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

VALENCIA. (15 December 2020) - The sailor Regy Dils was proclaimed winner of the F-One Formula Amateur Kite. The Belgian, born but living in Alfás del Pi since he was a child, became the first sailor to win in this incipient speciality within the Formula Kite Spain Series. On the podium of the season he has been accompanied by Kiko and Carlos Espí, father and son, who have also been loyal fans of the circuit.
F-One Formula Kite Amateur has consisted this year with four tests: Alarcón, Castellón, Formentera and Tarifa. In total there have been about twenty sailors who have been present in the competition that has only missed the appointment in the test of Mallorca. The highest number of registered in a race was in Formentera where there were 14 participants while in the final test of the season in Tarifa were 13 athletes.

The F-One Formula Amateur is already absolutely consolidated in the FKSS calendar and in 2021 it will be present again in all the races that will be disputed. This race has a double function. On the one hand it is thought for the sailors who want to start competing in Formula Kite. This discipline with an inflatable kite is the perfect preliminary step to professional competition as it allows the sailors to become familiar with the world of kitefoil. And the other feature is for those sailors who do not want to make the demanding jump to Formula Kite Open by staying in this discipline that also has great competitive incentives and offers a sensation of speed and adrenaline very similar to that of the queen category.

The Regy Dils case is textbook. The Alicante has been the great dominator of the season after winning three of the four races played. In Alarcón he finished second, and from there he has already had a series of three victories in Castellón, Formentera and Tarifa. Now, Regy is already thinking about the Formula Kite Spain Series 2021 in which he will move up to the Open category.

"The circuit has been incredible."

"The circuit has been incredible. We've had a great time and I'm already looking forward to the 2021 season when I move up to the Open class. I go from winning to being one of the bunch but well that's the learning curve ... But what I'm sure is that I will have as much fun as this year, "says the sailor of Club Deportivo Kitesurf Denia. And about his time in the class, Dils explains: "I think that the F-One Formula Kite Amateur class has already fulfilled its function for me, which was to give me the possibility to continue growing and to get to know the races. Now I go up to the Open where I arrive with much more experience than if I had not been competing this season in the FKSS races".

Barona passing one of the buoys of the F-One Formula Amateur Kite course /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

Kiko Espí, second overall, is also looking to move up to the Open class with his son Carlos, who is only twelve years old. Espí endorses the breakthrough of this class that has given him the opportunity to grow as a kiteboarder.

The Valencian only sees advantages in this discipline: "I come from dinghy sailing, from competing in the catamaran which is very different, especially because first it is easy to use the kite material and you can transport it without having to carry a trailer. That's a big advantage compared to the dinghy sailing we're used to. I see that the class is very good for young people. There are a lot of young people who leave the dinghy behind and go kiting because it has so much adrenaline and is so much fun that it hooks them up.

Espí celebrates that the Formula Kite Spain Series has opened the gap for the F-One Formula Kite Amateur class: "On an organisational level kite sailing had not had as much infrastructure as lightweight sailing on a medium scale. There was no room for competition. And with the arrival of the FKSS it has been seen that it is a success, which is like dinghy sailing because you can sail from 4 knots to 30 knots and you can set up a good structure with scheduled training. In Valencia we are already setting up a team with a coach and with training sessions every weekend with a support rubber band. The class can grow a lot thanks to the amateur format. From 11 years old you can compete and there are many children who start kiting and it is a good option for them.

F-One Amateur Kite Formula
A picture of the F-One Formula Kite Amateur family at the regatta in Castellon /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

Father and son in the F-One Formula Amateur Kite

On her own experience she points out: "My experience has been very good both on land because of the good atmosphere and at sea with the seriousness of the race committee that has done very well and in a very professional way. In spite of the pandemic it has been possible to carry on. In terms of social issues, we have had fewer things, but it is logical to have had to be prudent because of the pandemic".
On the versatility of the class he says: "It is as good for those who are looking for fun as it is for technology. Those looking for fun can stay here and those looking for more can move on to the kites where there is much more level especially since they have made it Olympic".

F-One Amateur Kite Formula
Carlos Espí rides his kite in one of the tests of the F-One Formula Amateur Kite /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

The sensation of the circuit has been his son Carlos, who at the age of 12 has always been in high positions of the races. The boy is Spanish Optimist champion and his father sees kiting as absolutely complementary to dinghy sailing: "My son has found it very useful to combine it with the Optimist because it combines the tactics of the Optimist with the speed of foil. I have seen a great progression in my son and his coach gets angry about missing training when we go to FKSS but this class gives you reflexes to improve and be faster in tactics".
And the Spies are already thinking about going up to the Open class: "We are looking to move both of us to the Open class because it gives you more options to sail in a range of winds higher than we have in the inflatable kites, although in the Amateur class there will still be 'Spies': "My daughter Lucia will come and now she is learning and we want my three nephews to be there too, so the Spies will continue in the F-One Formula Amateur Kite".