Marius Pavel: "I go out to compete thinking that on Monday I must go to work"

Marius Pavel in Castelló /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Marius Pavel, in one of the races in Castellón of the Formula Kite Spain Series (FKSS).

El ganador de la categoría Máster en Castellón de la Formula Kite Spain Series cree que su secreto es “la regularidad y no tomar riesgos en las salidas”. Es segundo en la general de su grupo por detrás de Jean Romain.

-Who is Marius Pavel (Oravita, Romania, 1983)?

-I am a Romanian boy with residence in Spain who has been in this country for 20 years. I came here when I was 18 years old and I live in Castellón. I am a self-employed worker and I have an insulation company. I get the time to train from the fact that in my profession, without having chosen it, I depend a lot on the weather. When it's windy I can't keep working, so I've found a hobby that I can do when I'm not working. Many days the weather doesn't let me work. I am part of the Club Eolo de Castellón since 2014.

-How did it start at the Kitefoil?

-I happened to pass by the Gurugu beach in Castellón one day and saw the Aeolus instructor with a student teaching with the kite. I got there because I was thinking about parachuting, but I saw the kites on the beach and I was more surprised by that than by parachuting, I thought it was less risky. That's how I started, yeah, no kidding. And I've been doing it since 2014. I liked it so much that in less than two months I had already taken a flight to the other side of the world to learn more. I needed a place with wind and I went to Punta Cana. That's where I started to go back and forth and start to get upwind. The same thing happened to me with the foil, I started to see the people who were doing it in Castellón, I saw my teacher Dani Babiloni and I understood that it was my thing after seeing that with the race you couldn't sail every day and with the foil you could sail almost any day of the week, even with very little wind.

Marius Pavel in Castelló /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Marius, ahead of other sailors in the waters of Castellón /TONI FORQUÉS

-What does this sport give you?

-It gives me a lot of peace of mind in the water. All I think about is having a good time. I forget at times about work and the problems I may have and it gives me the feeling of having a lot of freedom.

-How much time do you spend on this sport on a weekly basis?

-I spend about five days of training a week and about an hour and a half of each training session. It doesn't give me any more time to do gym work or other activities. I don't do other sports because the rest of the time I have to work.

-How far do you want to go in this discipline considering your age?

-I'm not saying I've already peaked, but I can't aim for much more than I already have. This is due to the lack of training time and the other reason is the age that I am starting to be a handicap. But you are never late for anything. It's good as it is, I think that if I had entered this sport earlier I would have done something crazy and now my head is very focused. What I try to do in competitions is have fun and nothing more. And not get hurt. I'm always thinking that on Monday I have to go to work. There have been some competitions in which I have preferred to stay on the ground rather than compete so as not to compromise physically. I'm self-employed and I have workers under me and if something were to happen to me I could annoy my company and the people who depend on me.

-Where do you see this sport in the next few years?

-People are becoming more and more interested in foil because of the simple fact that you can sail almost all the time and people are very aware that you can compete every day with little wind and see the sensation of speed people love. I think it's an effect called because of how spectacular it is with kites that are so colourful, coupled with speed and adrenaline.

-You are a regular at the Formula Kite Spain Series, how do you like the circuit?

-The circuit is spectacular. Every year it gets better and every race we all learn how to do it better because the better the circuit is, the more fun we will have. In terms of organisation and looking for new places to compete, and in terms of safety, we are getting better and better. It's not easy to get what we have because the circuit is just starting and there are things that can be improved, but I think we are all here so that this will go forward and improve it together. Since the beginning of Formula Kite I think I have gone to all the races and I will keep going.

Marius Pavel in Castelló /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Marius in white on the podium in Castellón with Gisela Pulido wetting him with cava from the Vegalfaro Winery /TONI FORQUÉS

-So, will you be at the two Balearic Islands events defending your last Master's category win?

-Of course! Although I don't really think much about the ratings. I'm not very competitive. I almost always come out on top because I don't like to do anything or get hurt. I prefer to start from the back and work my way up as much as possible. It's very important to be constant, not to finish third in one round and last in the next, or not to finish at all.

-There is a maximum of equality among 'veterans'...

-I don't even look at who's master and who isn't. I was first in the Master's program in Castellón because someone else didn't do it better than I did, not because that's my goal. The reason why I'm ahead is that I take it very calmly, I don't know if I'm giving clues to the rivals...

-What would it mean for you to finish the season as the best Master of the competition?

-It would be a joy. But I have to admit that it does give me a little bit of a cut to get on the podium. My nickname is 'quiet man' because I'm not one to talk much... In competitions I have colleagues who tell me that I don't get stressed. As I think about going out in the back, I don't usually get involved in the crowd and it gives me peace of mind. That's the tactic to win. It's my tactic. Go safely from the back to the front and always finish the sleeves.

-The regatta wants to enhance the Masters, what do you think should be improved on the circuit so that their category can look better?

-There are probably more competitors in the category so we can have more rivals. I feel very comfortable in this category.