Mazella certifies its overwhelming victory in the Formula Kite Spain Series in Mallorca


Julia Damasiewicz wins in females in the Tuna Fish FKSS 2020 Mallorca followed by Gisela Pulido who hopes for a rematch next week with the Fly Sardine FKSS 2020 Formentera

Damasiewicz sails very close to the breakwater of S'Arenal NPP. /TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

S'ARENAL. (October 18, 2020) - Axel Mazella certified his victory in the Tuna Fish FKSS 2020 Mallorca with two more victories in the only two races that took place today in the waters of the Club Nautico S'Arenal. The Frenchman was accompanied on the final podium of the third round of the Formula Kite Spain Series circuit by Russian Denis Taradin and Haitian Théo Ihostis. In the female category the final victory was for the new European champion of the specialty, the Polish Julia Damasiewicz, who beat the Spanish Gisela Pulido on the podium.

The world champion and current European champion, Axel Mazella, has given a real recital in the waters of Mallorca. In the FKSS 2020 the Frenchman has won two of the three races held so far and has made a second place in the initial race in Alarcón. In Mallorca his 'dictatorship' has been overwhelming. He has won eight of the ten races and has never dropped below second place. He has had no rival and more when today in the first of the two tasks that were disputed, his only enemy for the victory, the Russian Denis Taradin, made an out of line that penalized him with a disqualification. Far from relaxing, Mazella did another regatta in the tenth round to say goodbye to Mallorca with great taste.

Axel Mazella ahead of Taradin on yesterday's route at CN S'Arenal /TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

"It's been a great competition. Mallorca is a great place to compete with this reliable wind and with this wonderful, clean water. I'm very happy with my performance and now it's a pity for me not to be able to go to Formentera because I have to participate in the French Championship which is next week. Today's conditions have been very similar to yesterday's with a wind of 8 or 10 knots and quite stable", said the Frenchman.

The last two races were also very close for third place on the podium. Ihostis was fighting with the sailor who was racing for Cutty Shark here, Alex Climent, for the last step. They arrived tied and left tied on points and only the second place tie gave the Polynesian the access to the final party.

A moment of yesterday's races in the incredible enclave of the Bay of Palma de Mallorca / TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

In the women's category, the victory went to the current European champion, Poland's Julia Damasiewicz. She was in the top ten with the boys and got Gisela Pulido 22 points overall. Damasiewicz, who is only fifteen years old, has absolute control over the specialty and threatens to extend her reign in the next few years as she gets stronger and more technical. "It has been a great experience to compete in Mallorca. It's an incredible place I've never been to and it's very nice to sail here with these waters and the mountains so close. The week has been fantastic".

Women's podium /TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

Damasiewicz had planned to go to Poland to return to school, but the Covid has closed the classrooms in their country so they have changed their plans and are staying for next week's regatta from 23rd to 25th October in Formentera, the Fly Sardine FKSS 2020 Formentera. There you will again see the faces with Pulido who explained: "I'm going to stay a couple of days in Mallorca doing some tourism and on Wednesday we are already going to Formentera to prepare the revenge. Julia is the European champion and is a great competitor. I beat her in four of the races and that's already a lot for me. In Formentera there will be more wind than here and those conditions are more favourable for me".

As far as the Master category is concerned, the final winner was Marius Pavel from Castellón with a seventh place finish. While in Grand Master the triumph has taken the Swiss Kari Eisenhut who finished thirteenth overall.

Sergio W Smit, director of the circuit, to the assessment of the week: "We hope we have shown the world that Mallorca is an incredible place for active and sports tourism. Moreover, by doing so in October, we also managed to launch the message of the lack of seasonality and that in Mallorca you can come all year round because of the incredible climate. The race was impressive. Only places as special as the Bay of Palma can allow us to do up to seven races in a row as we did on Saturday without having to move a single buoy from the race course".

Final classification of the Tuna Fish FKSS 2020 Mallorca

  1. Axel Mazella (FRA) (1,1,(2),1,1,2,1,1,1) 10 points
  2. Denis Taradin (RUS) (2,4,1,2,2,1,3, (26),2) 19 p.
  3. Theo Ihostis (TAH) (4,5,6,(7),7,6,5,2,2,4) 41 p.
  4. Alex Climent (ESP) (9,10,(11),3,3,3,4,3,3) 41 p.
  5. Jakub Jurkowski (POL) (3,8,5,6,5,(17),4,8,5,7) 51 p.
  6. Simon Burner (AUT) (8,6,(10),4,4,8,6,6,5) 53 p.
  7. Marius Pavel (ESP) (6,3,4(10),6,5,8,7, (26),10) 59 p.
  8. Carlos Puig (ESP) (5,2,3,11(DNC26),7,15,5,4,8) 60 p.
  9. Julia Damasiewicz (POL) (11,(13),9,5,9,4,10,10,9) 77 p.
  10. Sebastián Ducos (ESP) ((12),7,7,12,11,11,7,6) 79 p.
  11. Kiko Peiró (ESP) (7,9,8,9,10,9,9,(26),8,12) 81 p.
  12. Gisela Pulido (ESP) (10,12,(14),8,8,10,11,14,,12,11) 96 p.